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Volume 3 December 2012     HOLIDAY HEART         

Happy Holidays! 

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In the Holiday Spirit...
We celebrate the inner light with outer light, symbolic of that which is eternal within us and never dies.   This beautiful Infinity Candle designed by Brilliant Adventures reminds us of our infinite flame of awareness!

Infinity Candle by Nick Moore, Brilliant Adventures

Speaking of Brilliant Adventures, many of us will travel in December.  For this month’s Holiday Travelers, we feature the remarkable benefits of Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic, designed as subtle support for the energy body that calms the HEART, the organ most affected by air travel, according to Dr. Singha, the Master of Magnificent Medicine!   You can arrive at your destination feeling calm, well-grounded, with body and soul “together.” This month we reveal new ways to love your body and care for your total self while traveling.  Enjoy this valuable information to help relieve travel stress, fear, and apprehension, resulting in a flowing feel-good state of mind. 

Le Coeur!  Travel Requires Courage…


Art by Hiroshi

Although we tend to deny it, travel brings out the true vulnerability of travelers. This Holiday Season, we acknowledge that it takes courage to travel - home for the holidays,  or across the ocean, or even a quick business flight. Travelers must access courage to get out of their comfort zone, fly high in the sky, and relinquish some control.  Dr. Singha understood from a holistic perspective how the human heart is out of its security zone when flying in a plane.  Air travel brings extreme physiological stressors of high elevation, cabin pressure, recycled air, close quarters, and  top speed. Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic is a simple solution of subtle holistic support.   


Love Thyself on the Airplane 

The Benefits of  Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic

The human “fight or flight” response is triggered by perceived danger at a conscious or unconscious level.  People will say they are not scared to fly, but in fact we all have apprehension at some level when flying through the sky, because it's basically UNNATURAL.   If you spend a lot of time in the sky, you know firsthand how travel stress significantly impacts your well-being and mental clarity.  This is a wakeup call to holiday travelers and the flying intelligentsia:  Protect yourself in flight with Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic!  This targeted herbal nourishment works to alleviate deep internal stress by expanding the flow of blood to the heart.  As a holistic master dedicated to lifelong learning and treating thousands of human beings, Dr. Singha formulated Travel Tonic with five synergistic herbs to provide expansive energetic support for the organs and the subtle energy body (vital life force or chi).   Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic provides nourishing herbs that target and help strengthen the immune system, while relieving the dis-comfort and dis-stress of flying before it can turn into dis-ease. 

Based on his vast knowledge, the brilliant Himalayan master formulated his “Travel Tonic” with wild harvested Yohimbe Bark as the hub of the formula, surrounded and supported by a synergistic compliment of organic herbs including Ginger Root, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Sheep Sorrel, and Lemon Peel.   Yohimbe Bark is often wrongly heralded as the herb whose sole use is to enhance male erectile function.  In Travel Tonic, the main active chemical of Yohimbe bark, yohimbine, is actually very low.  Travel Tonic uses a mild, holistic extraction from the Yohimbe Bark tree that provides a balance of other vital nutrients from the tree bark.  Dr. Singha used Yohimbe Bark as a gentle vasodilator that opens up the circulatory system and protects the heart.  In other words, this subtle Travel Tonic keeps the energy flow of the body expansive when flying, a situation in which the body would otherwise trigger a “fight or flight” response to high elevations, flight speed, cabin pressure, relatively unhealthy air flow and dryness.

Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic has been called a “magic potion,” by American Airlines in-flight magazine:  “Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic targets the upset stomach and anxiety we suffer when we journey to lands far away…” and “…this magic potion works wonders when taken before, during, or after long flights.”   Also called a “travel buddy,” Travel Tonic can help travelers arrive feeling calm, rested, and well-grounded.  Many customers say that the masterfully-blended herbal tincture helps avert jet lag.  One woman said she felt body and soul “together” after a long trans-Atlantic flight, and she needed no recovery time from a typically arduous trip. 

TRAVEL SIZE:  As a convenient one-ounce dropper bottle, Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic is sized to pass through security for carry on!   Dr. Singha recommended sipping the tonic, mixed with highest quality spring water, throughout a flight. The real point is to love your body, give attention to caring for self - and listen to the body's needs!  Another feel-good tip:  Rehydrate throughout the flight!  Frequent Fliers, take heart!

Master of Magnificent Medicine and Bodhisattva Dr. Singha cared about the total human being.  He created Dr. Singha’s Travel Tonic to help humanity protect the heart and relax when traveling.


Natural Calming Foods Relieve Fear and Apprehension

If you find yourself flying in the sky too often or feeling fearful about travel, consider these recipes by Dr. Singha who espoused, “Food is Medicine.”  His Romaine Lettuce Soup, Lemon Barely Water, and Toning Juice recipes were developed specifically to tonify the kidneys and ease the water element, as described in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), during times of change, stress, fear, and apprehension.


Different forms of stress can impact organs in various ways.  Governing the water element in the body, the kidney/bladder meridian is sensitive to fear and apprehension, and as a result, the body can tend to retain water in that emotional state.  Travel stress and fear, as well as dehydration and inactivity, impact the kidneys and how they metabolize water.  For example, some people notice that their ankles swell on long flights.  Sitting for long periods of time, at high elevations, the body is unable to get ample muscle exercise and movement.  Without muscle contractions, lymph does not drain well as it would otherwise.  Additionally, when in a state of apprehension or fear, we tend to “Hold” our water.  Flowing kidneys are healthy kidneys!  As always, use organic ingredients whenever possible, and cook in high quality non-aluminum cookware. 

Recipes from Dr. Singha

Dr. Singha's Romaine (Cos) Lettuce Soup

3 liters of Spring Water

1 head of shredded Romaine (Cos) lettuce.  Use all outer greens, heart, and as much root as possible

1 – 2 teaspoons coconut oil or other organic oil

Add a little of each to taste:  cloves, fresh garlic, grated fresh ginger, paprika powder, cumin powder, turmeric, seaweed and minced chili peppers optional

At the end of cooking, when soup has cooked down to 1.5 liters,  you may consider adding these optional ingredients, flavored to taste: A pinch of nutmeg powder, Celtic Sea Salt or Tamari, freshly ground black pepper, fresh chopped cilantro.

1 whole lemon, juiced

Sauté the garlic and ginger, and other spices gently in coconut oil for a couple of minutes.  Add a little sea salt—blend it in—along with turmeric if you are using it. Chop the lettuce and add, gently turning it in the oil.  Next add 3 liters of high quality spring water.  Simmer until the soup reduces by half to approximately 1.5 liters for the most concentrated decoction.  At this point, flavor to taste, and add nutmeg powder, freshly ground black pepper, high quality sea salt or tamari. Remove from heat.  Because high heat destroys Vitamin C, allow the soup to cool slightly, then add juice of one whole lemon. Feel free to vary this recipe according to your tastes, experience, or intuition.   Enjoy a tranquil celebration of self-care.  


Dr. Singha's Lemon Barley Water

Wash one cup (8 ounces) of organic whole barley (if not available, use pearl barley) and add 3 liters of high quality spring water.  Then add:

20 Juniper berries, cracked

Bay leaves, to taste, optional

1 - 3 cinnamon sticks

4 - 6 cloves

4 - 6 cardamoms

6 black peppercorns

1 organic lemon

All spice amounts can be altered to taste. 

Boil the barley water with the spices until about 1.5 liters remain.  It should be a little slimy.  Strain, cool and then add the juice of one organic lemon.  Mix and use as a refreshing drink. 

The remaining cooked barley can be eaten with vegetables, used to make soup, or given to the birds.

Dr. Singha’s Suggested use:  Divide liquid into 4 portions (approx. 12 oz. each) and drink at room temperature on an empty stomach 4 times a day. 


Fresh Toning Juice

How about a fresh juice before your flight?  Fresh juice is another great way to nourish your body and take great care of yourself . This wonderful, fresh juice was a favorite of Dr. Singha’s for tonifying, purifying, alkalizing, feeding brain, and staying alert throughout your travels.  Awareness increases when you feed your body system sufficiently.  To make this “Flying Juice” do the following:

Use equal parts, about 5 ounces each, of organic carrots and celery with one of the sourest apples you can find.  A Granny Smith apple is okay.  Juice in a chunk of fresh, organic ginger root, and a bit of lemon or lime.  Use all organic ingredients! Fresh juice will naturally turn a traveler's frown into a smile.


For the New Year…Dr. Singha’s Broiled Oranges Diet

After the feasts of Holiday Season, you might want more information about giving your body an internal holiday. For an in-depth interview with Dr. Singha about the Broiled Orange Diet, click here:

Infinity Candle by Nick Moore, Brilliant Adventures

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Sattvic & Sassy

This corner is dedicated to the pungent proverbs, pokes, and poetry of Bodhisattva Dr. Shyam Singha who knew thattenderness is a kind of medicine. 

A rare photo of Dr. Shyam Singha on the left, with his teacher Baba Shahanshah Maharaj at Shahanshah Ashram in Rajpur-Dehra Dun, India. 


Dr. Singha said, “Immunity requires community.”


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Volume 3 December 2012  Holiday Heart

Happy Holidays!

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