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Volume 8 June 5, 2014 Dr. Singha's Spring Cleaning and Travel Pack

The Bath Tub Journal

from Dr. Singha’s Natural Therapeutics, Inc.

Detoxing the World...One Mustard Bath at a Time

Plums for your Plumbing! Spring Cleaning 2014

Discover the Joy of Fasting.

One of the most valuable teachings from Dr Singha was how to cleanse and eliminate using simple fasting techniques.
The following is an excerpt from his book; The Secrets of Natural Health:

"In a monofast only one kind of fruit or vegetable is eaten. This both cleanses the body and allows the stomach to rest (because no proteins and fats are eaten, there is no requirement for hydrochloric acid and bile which digest and emulsify these foods in the stomach)."

He would
also say that a monofast gives the body a rest and also provides plenty of roughage unlike a juice fast. Generally he recommended five to seven pounds of fruit per day.
Read more.

The most common fasts given by Dr Singha were: grapes, watermelons, plums, broiled oranges, pineapples, potato peeling soup and soft pears.

About Plums and plumbing;
Dr Singha taught that since Colon is the mother of Lung, if the Colon is blocked, then Lung is also blocked. He said "Clear the tube from mouth to anus." If the Colon is not right, nothing is right.
The skin being the largest organ of elimination in the body, Dr Singha would also recommend taking a Mustard Bath three times a week to assist in the process. Read more.

Whenever possible, choose organic, delicious and ripe fruits. He recommended preparing for a fast by eating more simply beforehand and would indicate a number of days for the monofast depending on the person's needs. Seven days was often the suggested time. The first three days of a fast can be quite challenging, so he counseled his patients to be gentle with themselves and to drink plenty of room temperature water. If you are new to fasting always consult with a health practitioner beforehand.

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The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body.
Use Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath as a perfect complement to any purification and tissue cleansing program and feel the difference.

Dr. Singha said, "Always nip it in the bud." At the slightest sign of colds and flu, stress or physical discomfort, he would often tell his patients to take a Mustard Bath.

Dr. Singha's Travel Tonic

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Volume 8 June 5, 2014 Promotional Vacation Travel Pack
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